Monday, 11 September 2017

Ulu Katibas Song mobile clinic

Working in Song require us to visit those clinics up further along a river called Sungai Katibas. Due to logistic reason, some patients are unable to go to the town for medical followup. Therefore, we need to visit them every month to ensure they get the most out of our healthcare.

Beautiful scenery going deeper up the river

There are 4 clinics along the river. KK Tekalit, Bangkit, Engkuah and the furthest Chemanong. The feeling is amazing. The experience is great.

Do i look like a ninja?

Do you dare to go through this?

Kk bangkit

Wow..very nice view at engkuah. Feels like New Zealand. lol

Along the river


Oh, .....Remember to prepare rain coats. It can be calm before the storm!

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