Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Biceps Training Mistake

rr1. Early Cheating

Swinging! Cheating is a valuable tool for pushing sets beyond strict, full-rep failure, but if you do so before then, it’s unlikely you will ever thoroughly stress your bi’s. In an effort to hump up heavier weights than they could otherwise use, many bodybuilders start cheating on curls from rep number one and increase their swinging as the set wears on.

Tips : - Stand against the wall while curling barbell or EZ bar.
          - Do dumbell curls SEATED. Why? to eliminate legs and hips from the movement.
          - Extra swing on extra reps beyond strict curl only.
          - Do on preacher stand.
2. Doing Too Much

Now, let us compare biceps to other body parts such as back and legs. Tiny right? More than any other muscles, biceps are frequent victims of overtraining, which halts or even reverses their gains.

Tips : - Beginners to do 6 sets of biceps exercises.
         - Advanced lifters to do 9 to 12 sets.

3. Target Missed

People said, do preacher curl to hit the lower portion of the biceps. Do concentration curl to increase the biceps peak.  In fact, you can’t put any greater emphasis on your lower biceps than the rest of the muscle, and merely focusing on peak contractions won’t raise your peaks.

Tips : - Focus on two head of the biceps which lay side by side.
         - Perform biceps curls with a grip that keeps the pinkies even with or higher than other fingers 
           (focusing on inner head). You can do wide grip to target the inner head as well.
         - Perform curls with the thumbs higher than the pinkies–as when taking an angled grip on an EZ-bar
            or when using a parallel grip for hammer curls–to better target the biceps brachii long head (outer)

4. Invariety

Although the biceps are simple, two-headed muscles targeted almost exclusively via curls, you still need to perform various types of curls to properly tax the manifold fibers. Too many bodybuilders get in a lazy pattern of doing, for example, all standing, bilateral, free-weight curls.

Tips : - Do one standing EZ or barbell curl, one dumbell exercise and one machine or cable exercise
            per workout.
         - Do at least one unilateral exercise each biceps workout
        - Do unique exercises, such as drag curls, underhand chin-ups and rope hammer curls–to hit your bi’s from different angles.

5. Not Focussing on Contraction

Unfortunatly, alot seems not to truly flex their biceps against resistance.  This is because they use too much weight and perform their reps quickly and with excessive momentum.

Tips : - Choose weight in which you can do 12 reps strictly
         - Supinate your wrist while doing dumbell curl (making your palm faces the outside)
         - Curl slowly, one second to bring it up, one second to hold, one second to bring weight down.

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  1. great tips... a lot of the cheating i see mainly comes from the ones trying to have other people see how much weight they can lift, sacrificing form for ego

  2. nice tips now everyone should be able to get big biceps

  3. there was a good article on t-nation recently (inb4 t-nation hate) about building
    up dat peak.. cool stuff though

  4. Cool, but will this help me to grunt louder in the gym?

  5. Sounds like good stuff, thanks!

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  7. really good tips, definitely gonna use these the next time im at the gym

  8. always trying to up my game, tks for this tips

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    nicely laid out post though

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