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Learn how to keep your new measurements by following these recommendations

Some people will doubt the validity of "Add an Inch to Your Arms...In a Day" program. Stale biceps and triceps that they think have long since plateaued have turned them into growth cynics. But growth happens during this program, period. Your ability to sustain it long beyond your first rep, however, depends on how well you stick to the following training, nutrition and supplement guidelines.
  • Nutrition Guidelines
You should also maintain a higher carb diet for the next couple of months to keep your arm muscle cell fibers full. This will keep muscle glycogen levels, and therefore muscle cell volume, high. Be sure to consume 2-3 grams of carbs per pound of body weight per day. That's 400-600 grams of carbs for the 200-pound bodybuilder. And also be sure to drink plenty of fluids. Shoot for about 1-1.5 gallons of water each day. This will ensure that there's plenty of water to keep your muscle cells full for better sleeve-busting growth.
  • Training Guidelines
As far as future training goes, give your arms about 5-7 days of rest from solo training after completing arm workouts.  Anything more frequent than that could lead to overtraining, or even injury.
  • Supplement Guidelines
During the maintenance phase, you'll continue taking the same supplements but since you will have gone back to a more conventional training program, the doses and timing are altered. Follow this outline to help maintain your newly-minted bi's and tri's.
Supplement Dose/Time (Not necessary)
Arginine 3-5 g/30-60 minutes before workouts
Citrulline 1-3 g/30-60 minutes before workouts
Pycnogenol 50-100 mg/30-60 minutes before workouts
Whey protein 20 g/within 30 minutes before workouts
40 g/within 30 minutes after workouts
Vitargo 50-70 g/within 30 minutes after workouts
BCAAs 5-10 g/within 30 minutes before workouts
5-10 g/within 30 minutes after workouts
Creatine 3-5 g/within 30 minutes before workouts
3-5 g/within 30 minutes after workouts
Beta-alanine 1-3 g/within 30 minutes before workouts
1-3 g/within 30 minutes after workouts
Glutamine 5-10 g/within 30 minutes before workouts
5-10 g/within 30 minutes after workouts
Taurine 1-2 g/within 30 minutes before workouts
1-2 g/within 30 minutes after workouts
Source : Jim Stoppani, PHD


  1. STRONG chest on first pic

  2. The more inches I pack on my arms, the more beef I inherit on the streets.

  3. Great post! Very informative :) Thanks again!

  4. nice post! very informative!

    your friend,

  5. Thanks for the info. Ive had my nutrition guidelines locked but really unsure about my supplement guideline, I shall give yours a try.


  6. Damn that's a lot of pre and post work out supplements to take! I usually take BCAAS before and Whey after.

  7. serious question here.

    While on a cut, do you cut carbs down or do you keep them up to retain mass?

  8. That chest is crazy. And I take BCAA while working out.

  9. I'll follow this training in the summer, after school is over.
    Thanks for the post!

  10. watchman, carbs should be lower during cut tho..and protein and fats higher..and definitely u'll lose some mass during the cutting process..i guess this article only apply to the "general rules". :P

  11. Interesting what you say about water consumption. When I dropped my consumption (because I was going to the toilet a lot) I found I was shrinking! Maybe a coincidence though..


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